Merise Merise: A Lethargic Romantic Movie

Merise Merise: A Lethargic Romantic Movie

Merise Merise: A Lethargic Romantic Movie

Cast: Pavan Kumar K, Dinesh Tej, Shweta Avasthi, Sanjay Swaroop

Merise Merise

Vennela harbors huge dreams of being a clothier and Siddhu could be a troubled entrepreneur. however these 2 facilitate one another bring home the bacon their goals forms the crux of the tale.

Review: Before Merise Merise hit screens, the manufacturers banked on the very fact that the film comes from a team that worked on Pelli Choopulu. whereas constant team delivered a romantic movie success that went on to win a National Award, they struggle to inform a novel tale this point around.

Siddhu (Dinesh Tej) is a 25-year-old brat who lives in Bengaluru and is nursing wounds from a unsuccessful start-up. He shifts to Hyderabad to change things up. Vennela (Shewata Avasthi) could be a budding clothier who is engaged to a rich, dowry-taking, cytotoxic NRI doctor who doesn’t believe ladies succeeding in their careers. once Vennela is during a hurry to attain her dreams before ligature the knot, she meets Siddhu, who will help her achieve them. although reluctant, the latter agrees to assist her came upon her business for a few pocket money. shortly chemistry develops between the two, however what is going to this lead to?

Merise Merise Review | Merise Merise Telugu Review

Sounds familiar? That’s as a result of the plot is pretty almost like Pelli Choopulu. The first 1/2 the film stays faithful the story, the humour is snigger-worthy and works in parts. There are actually some fascinating scenes within the film that create the proceedings a delight. however wherever it gets confusing is once orthodox Vennela lets Siddhu escape with things her character ought to realize execrate able. It’s the last half of the film where things go haywire and therefore the actual drag begins. Siddhu slowly discovers what he desires from life due to Vennela and her boutique.

The romantic scenes are literary but the film tests patience until pre-climax. The dialogues too work well for the film.
Shwetha Avasthi delivered an honest performance and appears stunning. She keeps the audience hooked even through boring scenes. Dinesh Tej is decent however has scope for improvement. He has but done an improved job than he did in his previous film Hushaaru. Karthik Kodagondla’s music and BGM be a special mention.

As a debutant director, Pavan Kumar commits some pardonable mistakes but the pandemic movie-watching culture brings those to evident light. Unless the audience feels it’s value sharing recycled air with strangers, with mask on, at a theatre, Merise Merise may not have a chance.

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